Banking Reimagined My Foot

December 4, 2020

You know what annoys me?  Commercials.  One in particular gets under my skin.  It’s the commercial for Capital One.  It’s bad enough they talk about having no fees or minimums on checking accounts like they just thought of it or that you can bank on the go with a mobile app like no one else offers that.  No, it was the phrase “banking reimagined”.  You know what banking reimagined is?  A CREDIT UNION!!!

All you need to do is look at our history to know that banks are still banks no matter what kind of pretty package you put it in or spin you put on it.  You still get your best deal, have your best experience, at a credit union and with people like you.



Overcoming 2020 Challenges Together

November 5, 2020

Dear Freedom Members,

Over the years, we promised to uphold our core value of people helping people by focusing on creating a memorable experience for members, employees and the community we serve.  Year after year we stayed true to this philosophy as it drove achievements and stability.  Now as we near the end of the year, that strategic focus has proven vital in successfully navigating in 2020.

In recent years, we worked on our infrastructure and improving various processes, products, delivery channels, etc.  We put greater effort into expanding and enhancing call center capabilities and online services and refined every avenue to allow you to conduct business virtually to provide the options and convenience that would create a better experience.  As it turned out, these efforts were also the key in adapting to the “contactless” world thrust upon us by an unexpected pandemic.  Before times had changed, we were already preparing for you to have the ability to conduct business without leaving your home.

As a result, and despite the situation, we never shut down, we never stopped serving.  Yes, we had to keep our distance, we had to modify some operational aspects for everyone’s safety, but, like always, we were here, we heard you and we responded.  We responded not just to the normal business of the day, but to those of you who needed extra help created by the impact of the virus on our lives and economy.

We helped 95 businesses by providing more than $2 million in Paycheck Protection Program loans.  We processed over 1,400 payment deferral requests on loans and mortgages.  We provided lunches and PPE supplies to first responders and over 25 Harford County organizations and, even though some plans and events were cancelled, Freedom maintained our financial support of each organization as originally committed.

Of course, you, our members, were also key to our ability to successfully adapt to this crisis.  Every step of the way you have been resilient, understanding, supportive and more.  You demonstrated the most important part of a cooperative; that we achieve more together when we work towards a common purpose.  We are grateful for you and we appreciate you.

Finally, I cannot be more proud and appreciative of all the employees of Freedom, especially those who are on the front lines, who come in every day, and work tirelessly to ensure they provide the hands-on service you have come to expect.

Freedom will continue to earn your trust by holding to the values we established over 67 years. Our name is built by living up to our vision and mission. Our name is synonymous with respect, compassion, service, integrity, trust, and safety. Our name reflects all of the good and dedicated people that help and serve. Our name is Freedom and Freedom will continue to care for our community, one member at a time.


CEO Signature

Michael MacPherson
President and CEO
Freedom Federal Credit Union

Freedom Federal Credit Union Donates Face Masks and Thermometers to Harford County Public Schools

August 11, 2020Freedom Donates 6000 Face Masks to HCPS

Harford County Public School (HCPS) and Freedom Federal Credit Union leadership and staff representatives gather on the steps of HCPS Headquarters to showcase the new masks that will be distributed to HCPS employees across the school system.
Seated (Left to Right): HCPS Transportation Coordinator Tina Hockaday, representing HCPS support staff, and Halls Cross Roads Elementary School Teacher Laura S. Pohlenz, representing HCPS teachers.
Standing Left from Freedom Federal Credit Union (Front to Back): President and CEO Michael MacPherson, Business Development Director Lisa Snodgrass, and Senior Vice President of Marketing Carmen Mirabile.
Standing Right from Harford County Public Schools (Front to Back): Superintendent Dr. Sean Bulson, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Jean Mantegna, and Chief of Administration Eric Davis.

Freedom Federal Credit Union, in partnership with Harford County Public Schools (HCPS), is providing all teachers and support staff with protective, reusable face masks for the upcoming school year. Six thousand masks will be distributed to all teachers, office workers, food service staff, facilities staff, transportation staff, teacher substitutes, and new hires.

Additionally, 30 infrared no-contact thermometers have been donated by Freedom for use in all HCPS school buildings and offices to supplement similar thermometers already available in each school’s health suite. The $26,000 contribution to purchase the masks and thermometers is intended to show appreciation for every HCPS employee’s contribution and dedication, and to provide critical protective equipment to help support HCPS protocols to keep all HCPS employees safe and healthy during the upcoming year.

Freedom Federal Credit Union was originally slated to sponsor the HCPS Annual Employee Service Recognition Program and Awards Dinner, which they have sponsored since 2013. The program recognized hundreds of employees annually who had reached 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 years of service milestones. Due to the statewide closure of schools, and social function restrictions, the 2020 recognition program was cancelled. Freedom, working closely with school administrators, believed that the face masks would be a great way to show appreciation for all HCPS staff- both in and out of the classroom.

Prior to the decision on whether or not the upcoming school year would resume in person or virtually, both Freedom and HCPS administration recognized that many hundreds of staff members will continue to be required to report in person either regularly or periodically, and that all staff, including those working remotely, would continue to need face coverings for use in any public setting.

“In the best of times, we have always made it a priority to show our teachers that we care about their well-being and appreciate their dedication to the children in our community,” stated President and CEO of Freedom Federal Credit Union, Mike MacPherson. “In what now feels like the worst of times, we know that the pressures our educators, and all those who support our education system, face, will be great, and we hope this sponsorship will show our appreciation for all they do while supporting their health and safety.”

Invited to represent HCPS teachers in a photograph showcasing the new masks, Laura S. Pohlenz, a vocal music teacher at Halls Cross Roads Elementary School, recently completed her 30th year teaching for HCPS. Ms. Pohlenz expressed, “I am happy to represent teachers in this partnership with Freedom Federal Credit Union, and would like to personally thank them for this generous gift of face masks to the school system, in an effort to ensure the safety for our students and staff during this time.”

Representing HCPS support staff in this partnership, Transportation Coordinator, Tina Hockaday, who has been with HCPS for 14 years, remarked, “We are extremely grateful for our partnership with Freedom Federal Credit Union. Thank you for thinking of the safety of our students and staff.”
In the July 29, 2020 Superintendent’s Bulletin, Dr. Sean Bulson, acknowledged the contribution. “This year, FFCU has chosen to recognize all employees of HCPS by donating a protective face mask for every employee. By means of this generous contribution, they would like to honor and show their appreciation for the work done by every HCPS employee as we continue to educate the students of HCPS, while maintaining a safe and protected environment for staff and students. We hope that you will join us in expressing our appreciation to Freedom Federal Credit Union for this generous contribution!”

About Freedom Federal Credit Union

Freedom Federal Credit Union is a community-chartered federal credit union offering consumer financial services to those who live, work, volunteer, worship, attend school, or have family in Harford and Baltimore Counties. Additionally, Freedom offers a full-line of banking services for all businesses, associations, and other organizations that are based in Harford and Baltimore Counties. To learn more, visit

About Harford County Public Schools

The mission of Harford County Public Schools is that each student will attain academic and personal success in a safe and caring environment that honors the diversity of our students and staff.  The vision of the Board of Education of Harford County is to inspire and prepare each student to achieve success in college and career.