Supporting Harford County Schools

Volunteers Keep Harford County Schools Beautiful

Freedom provides community support wherever possible. This includes allowing staff to do community volunteer work during the day. As part of our volunteer efforts, Freedom staffers met with Dr. Mack, Principal of Bel Air Elementary, to learn ways to support the school and its events.

Recently, employees volunteered at Bel Air Elementary School’s Field Day event. On May 23 employees took advantage of dry weather to do some landscaping work in front of the Harford County school. Staff representing Accounting, Marketing, Lending, Risk Management, the Contact Center and Member Services all lent a hand. Now the school’s landscape staff can work on other areas to keep the school beautiful.

"Before" image at Bel Air Elementary, one of Harford County's Schools
“Before” shot of Bel Air Elementary sign
"After" shot at Bel Air Elementary, one of Harford County's Schools
“After” shot of Bel Air Elementary sign
Barbara Earhart, Michelle Killian weeding at Bel Air elementary, one of Harford County's Schools
L to R, Lending staff Barbara Earhart and  Michelle Killian 
Freedom Risk Management staffers Kathy Soller and Michelle Young in the parking lot of Bel Air Elementary. one of Harford County's Schools
L to R: Risk Management staff Kathy Soller and Michelle Young


Freedom staffers behind the sign in front of Bel Air Elementary, one of Harford County's Schools
L to R: Danielle Hart (Contact Center); Michelle Young (Risk Management); Michelle Killian (Lending); Barbara Earhart (Indirect Lending); Kathy Soller (Risk Management); Stacie Sloan (Member Services); Janis Motichka (Accounting). Not shown: Susan Tannahill (Marketing)

Going Green in Bel Air

Freedom Staff Contribute to Arbor Day Efforts

Freedom staff at Department of Natural Resources tree planting event, Arbor Day 2017
From L to R, Rachel Schmidt, Holly Downey, Susan Tannahill, Michele Young, Sharon Mellor, and Mike MacPherson

Freedom staff pitched in this Arbor Day, planting trees as part of our continuing effort to better our community. The Department of Natural Resources Arbor Day event allowed us to help plant the trees and shrubs that earned Bel Air the “Tree City” designation.

Two hundred of the trees planted on April 14 were donated by Freedom as a result of our “go green” electronic statement campaign of 2016. We donated trees to the DNR on behalf of those members who eliminated paper waste by going electronic. Rather than plant many saplings, we decided to plant fewer, larger trees to increase the odds that they survive and thrive.


Rachel Schmidt_Arbor Day 2017
Rachel Schmidt wrapping a sapling in protective mesh
Rows of planted trees_Arbor Day 2017
Rows of saplings planted during the Arbor Day event
Freedom staff pitch in to mulch around a newly planted tree

Stuffing Stockings on a Rainy Night

Staff Fill Stockings for the Empty Stocking Fund

(L to R) Pictured are Freedom volunteers Alicia Bowman, Susan Tannahill, Julie Irby (seated), Kelly Berends, Dominique Beverly and Tabitha Becker with her sons Robby and Riley.

A group of Freedom employees and their children spent Tuesday night helping the Empty Stocking Fund pull together Christmas gifts for needy children. The Empty Stocking Fund (ESF) collects new, unwrapped toys for distribution to local children who would otherwise go without. Additionally, ESF collects food goods and monetary donations for local families in need. Collection begins several months before the holidays. Freedom has supported the ESF with collection efforts at all branches for many years now.

Pulling together the “stockings” is a fun process. In a warehouse full of collected goods, volunteers select a variety of toys, games, clothing, books, grooming supplies and other gifts appropriate for each individual child. It’s a wonderful way to spread the joy of the season.

A large collection of items that we’ve collected this year will be picked up for the Empty Stocking Fund today, replenishing the supply of goodies for distribution. Thanks to the members and staff who contributed supplies or funds to the effort!