What’s in a Name?

I remember growing up and my father telling me, “the two most important things you have are your name and your word”. Both are shaped by experience, your actions or reactions, how you present yourself, what you do for others and how you handle adverse situations. These things build your reputation. They can open or close doors to your future and they can set you on a path for success or failure. From time to time you will experience setbacks, you will be doubted, people will try to damage that reputation or tarnish your name, but the good works you do, the kindness you show, can ultimately overshadow the cynicism and strengthen the integrity associated with your name, making your word more meaningful and trusted. So too is it with an organization like Freedom.

We are an organization whose name and reputation starts with people helping people and is expanded upon by creating positive member experiences, serving the community, and caring for its employees. Despite our best efforts, mistakes will happen, bad experiences will occur, but our name and our word will make all that pale in comparison. Some will want to hold a grudge, feed off negativity, or continue to point out missteps. Those are, more often than not, the people who don’t really know us. No matter what comes our way, we cannot, and will not, lose sight of the good we do, the good people we employ or the community and members we take great pride in serving. Of course, we will take criticism, we will look for ways to improve, we will always listen to our members and strive to be better when the opportunity presents itself. This is how we will continue to build a strong reputation and a trusted name.

Our name will continue to earn the trust of our members and our community by holding to the values we established over 66 years. Our name will be built by living up to our vision and mission statements. Our name will be synonymous with respect, compassion, service, integrity, trust, safety. Our name will reflect all of the good and dedicated people that help and serve. Our name is FREEDOM.

Mike MacPherson
President and CEO
Freedom Federal Credit Union