Freedom Sponsors 1st Annual Magic of Science Fair

May 20, 2019 – The APG Discovery Center held its first annual Magic of Science Fair at the APG Discovery Fest at Aberdeen Proving Ground. The APG Discovery Fest, held on May 4th, 2019 was an opportunity to see what is being done “behind the fence” at APG, including demonstrations of APG technology, a job fair with nearly 2,000 participants, and the First Annual Magic of Science Fair for middle schoolers.

The APG Discovery Center, with the help of the Harford County Senior Science Society, planned and organized the Magic of Science Fair, which included students from eight middle schools and several home-schooled students. There were 25 projects with 33 students who entered the juried competition. Projects ranged from citrus powered phones to harnessing solar energy, gravity’s effect on root growth, and the impact of hurricanes on different housing structures. Winners were determined as “Best in Grade”, “Runner-Up”, and “Honorable Mention”.

Student Awardees stand on stage with ribbons
APG Senior Commander Maj. Gen. Randy Taylor and Freedom Federal Credit Union’s Business Development Director, Sue Manning, stand with award recipients at the Magic of Science Fair.

The Magic of Science Fair was sponsored by Freedom Federal Credit Union, a strong supporter of the APG Discovery Center. Freedom’s Business Development Director, Sue Manning, was present for the awards ceremony. Their sponsorship included high tech prizes like 3-D printers, virtual reality systems, and robotic kits, which were awarded at each grade level. “It was a privilege to meet these phenomenal young people and an honor for Freedom to present them with awards that will encourage their love of science and technology,” stated Manning.

The APG Discovery Center is envisioned to be a 30,000 square foot facility, located near, but not on, the APG property. The intent is to develop a destination location for STEM related activities, APG displays providing a view of “tomorrow’s technology today”, and a place to show and retain the more than 100 years of history at Aberdeen Proving Ground. Additional information can be found at

About APG Discovery Center

The APG Discovery Center will be a place where students of all ages experience, create, and play with science and technology. A place where new worlds are discovered, and connections are made. In addition to interactive exhibits, the Discovery Center will offer after-school programs, maker spaces, and serve as an anchor for the region’s STEM activities. Phase I, The Discovery Preview Center will open in Aberdeen, Maryland in late 2019.

About Freedom Federal Credit Union

Freedom Federal Credit Union is a community-chartered federal credit union offering consumer financial services to those who live, work, volunteer, worship, attend school, or have family in Harford County. Additionally, Freedom offers a full-line of banking services for all businesses, associations, and other organizations that are based in Harford County. Freedom has been in business since 1953 and has five locations throughout Harford County. To learn more, visit

39th Annual Military Appreciation Luncheon

As the Premier Sponsor of the 39th Annual Military Appreciation Luncheon, Freedom understands the importance of honoring those who serve in the United States Armed Forces and the families who support them. Thank you for your devotion and service.

The event expressed gratitude to all veterans, including those who have served in the Vietnam War. This marks the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. In honor of the anniversary, Maryland Public Television will be showing “Maryland Vietnam War Stories” premiering in three parts, May 24; 25; and 26 at 8pm. See program details here.

An LZ (landing zone) Maryland event will be held at the Maryland State Fairgrounds, June 18-19 in honor of our Vietnam Veterans. The event includes a Tribute Ceremony, Honor Ride, Aircraft and Motor Pool Displays, Veteran Art Gallery, and much more. See full event details.

Freedom has a long history of serving military members and their families, dating to 1953. We are proud to continue that service!

Freedom Celebrates Military Saves Week

Military Saves Week 2016, February 22–27

Belong to Something Special During Military Saves Week 2016Saving is crucial to getting ahead financially. Always remember to pay yourself first — put a little aside each pay day! During Military Saves Week  we’re asking the military community to make the pledge to save.

As our way of giving back to the military community, we’re matching deposits up to $50 for new savings accounts for service members and their families between February 22-27, 2016.

Active-duty, Guard, Reserve and retired service members, and their families are eligible to take part in Military Saves Week. Whether you’re saving to reduce debt, buy a home or pay for a child’s education, this special match program could help you get a jump start on your efforts.

Freedom will match:

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