You Serve Our Country; We Serve You!

Serving the Military Community

We know service, and we appreciate yours! Freedom has been providing banking service for the military community since 1953. We aim to provide the products and services that you deserve — the best.

Freedom is a not-for-profit cooperative.We’re all about helping people. We don’t do it for profit, but for the good of our members. We’re more than a financial institution. We’re a partner.

Invest your trust in us and we’ll invest in you! We can help you build or improve your credit, or help guide you through:

We let you do your banking when it’s convenient for you. Handle your banking needs with our Freedom FCU Online Banking app, a digital wallet or another of our electronic banking services.

How can we be of service to YOU?

Stop by one of our five branches throughout Harford County, email us, or call 1-800-440-4120.

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