Credit Union College Scholarship Program

College Scholarship Contest Underway

$12,000 Credit Union Scholarship ProgramMaryland/DC Credit Union College Scholarship program

The Maryland/DC CU Foundation is once again offering a college scholarship contest for credit union members. Each of the 12, $1,000-scholarships goes toward college or trade school tuition. Freedom members entering their freshman through senior year of college or trade school are eligible.

The Credit Union College Scholarship Program is underway now! Eligible credit union members may apply for one of 12 scholarships in three categories. Options include 10 essay-based scholarships, a video-based scholarship, and one photo-based scholarship. Eligible members may even apply in all three categories!

The deadline for applications is March 31, 2018. Awards will be announced in May 2018.

This year’s essay topic is “Describe the value found in credit union membership”.

2017’s Video Challenge is to “Create a 60-second credit union ad to attract young members (age 16 – 24)”.

The Photo competition theme is the credit union core value, “Community”.


Freedom is dedicated to giving back to the Harford County Community. Our participation is the MD/DC Credit Union Scholarship Program is just one part of that. We also offer a scholarship to a student at Harford County Community College, as well as scholarships for Harford County educators.

Take a look at our work in Harford County. See why when you join Freedom, you really are joining something special!

MD/DC Credit Union Foundation Scholarship Competition Concludes

Nine Freedom Members competed, out of almost 500 entries!

The CU Foundation MD/DC has concluded its 2016 Credit Union College Scholarship Competition. Twelve $1,000 scholarships were awarded in three categories; essay, video and photography.

Nearly 500 applications were submitted by members of over 70 MD – and DC – based credit unions. Submissions were scored by a group of 111 volunteer judges.  Nine Freedom members entered the essay competition, but with stiff competition none garnered enough points to win a scholarship. Thanks to those members who took the time and effort to enter this year’s Competition!

The Credit Union College Scholarship Competition is a yearly event for the CU Foundation of MD/DC . Look for another Completion with another topic in spring of 2017.

The winning submissions may be viewed on the MD/DC Credit Union Foundation web site.