Staff Have Active Fall at Harford Events

Harford’s Active Fall Brings Volunteers!

Freedom staff have had an active fall, participating in three volunteer events since the end of October. Harford’s active community life means there’s always something to take part in, and Freedom staff are there.

Staffers decorated the Freedom van for Mountain Christian’s Trunk or Treat event on Saturday October 28. Employees had a blast handing out candy to the many families coming through for the fun annual event.

Habitat for humanity building project in Havre de Grace, November 9, 2017
(L to R) Jordon Hoffer, Julie Irby, Stacie Sloan, and Briana Smith

November 9 Freedom employees were in Havre de Grace for a Habitat for Humanity build. Members of the branch management and front line staff exercised their carpentry skills on a building project.

United Way Food Giveaway, November 18, 2017
(L to R) Sheri Gasu, Michele Young, Susan Tannahill, Sam Tannahill





The weekend of November 18 employees representing accounting, marketing and senior staff donated time for the United Way food giveaway at Bel Air United Methodist Church. Along with recruited family members, Freedom staff bagged vegetables by the five-pound sack, divvied up bread, and handed out boxes of canned goods to local folks gearing up for Thanksgiving. Almost 500 people came through the doors of Bel Air’s United Methodist Church, collecting goods for their holiday meal.

Going Green in Bel Air

Freedom Staff Contribute to Arbor Day Efforts

Freedom staff at Department of Natural Resources tree planting event, Arbor Day 2017
From L to R, Rachel Schmidt, Holly Downey, Susan Tannahill, Michele Young, Sharon Mellor, and Mike MacPherson

Freedom staff pitched in this Arbor Day, planting trees as part of our continuing effort to better our community. The Department of Natural Resources Arbor Day event allowed us to help plant the trees and shrubs that earned Bel Air the “Tree City” designation.

Two hundred of the trees planted on April 14 were donated by Freedom as a result of our “go green” electronic statement campaign of 2016. We donated trees to the DNR on behalf of those members who eliminated paper waste by going electronic. Rather than plant many saplings, we decided to plant fewer, larger trees to increase the odds that they survive and thrive.


Rachel Schmidt_Arbor Day 2017
Rachel Schmidt wrapping a sapling in protective mesh
Rows of planted trees_Arbor Day 2017
Rows of saplings planted during the Arbor Day event
Freedom staff pitch in to mulch around a newly planted tree