Freedom Staff Make Gas Mask Dash

Dash Part of U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground’s 100th Anniversary!

WEB-crop_Ian-and-Susan-Tannahill-in-Freedom-t-with-gas-mask-tFreedom’s Edgewood base is located at the U.S. Army’s Aberdeen Proving Ground Edgewood area. So it was a short drive for staff to take part in an Aberdeen Proving Ground (APG) 100th Anniversary Celebration event — the Gas Mask Dash!

The U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) sponsored the Dash, which was open to the public. Participants could either run a 5k or walk 2 miles. The glorious weather on April 27 made taking part a pleasure!

WEB-crop_Gas-mask-dash-runners WEB-crop_Pavilion-full-of-Gas-Mask-Dash-participants

WEB-crop_Freedom-backpackFreedom was on site to provide Freedom backpacks to attendees, and to provide information and support!

Participants were also treated to a bit of gas mask history, with a display of masks over the years. Even a Navy goggle mask and a K9 mask were there for viewing.WEB-crop_Lightened_Gas-mask-history-display

What a wonderful way to celebrate 100 years!