Mobile App FAQs

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Please note, when you set up Bill Pay in the app, you will have to refresh the app in order for your payees to show. You will need to allow a few minutes after downloading the app before you are able to refresh the view.

Get more information on how to set up digital wallets on your mobile device.


See below for answers to common questions as well as helpful instructions for how to use the app.

Contact Us About Mobile Banking
  • Q What can I do through Mobile Banking?

    A: With Freedom’s Mobile Banking app, you can securely manage your accounts and bank anywhere from the convenience of a mobile device. Features include:

    • Manage Accounts – view accounts, account balances, recent transactions
    • Conduct safe, secure and fast transactions on your account
    • Transfer Funds – transfer funds between accounts, view recent and scheduled transfers
    • Bill Pay – make a payment, view payees, view recent and scheduled payments
    • Schedule and receive customized account Alerts by push notification, email, or text
    • Deposit a check (see instructions below). Also review the Remote Deposit Capture disclosure


  • Q Is there a fee for using the mobile website or the mobile app?

    A: There is no Freedom fee for using any of our mobile banking services. However, mobile phone carriers may charge for wireless web access, for text messages received, or for the volume of data exchanged.



  • Q: Is Mobile Banking secure?

    A: Yes. Mobile Banking uses encryption similar to Online Banking to keep your information secure and confidential. Our Mobile Banking applications do not store any confidential information on your phone.


  • Q: I have a prepaid phone plan, can I use Mobile Banking?

    A: Yes, as long as you are able to use text messaging or a mobile browser you can use this service. Text and data rates may apply, so please check with your mobile provider. Additionally, please remember that use of Mobile Banking will cost you pre-paid minutes under these types of plans.


  • Q: Which accounts can I access through Mobile Banking?

    A: All accounts that you can access through Online Banking can be accessed through Mobile Banking.


  • Q: How do I deposit a check using Mobile Banking?

    A: Prepare your check for deposit:
  1. Sign the back, add “For Mobile Deposit Only at Freedom FCU” and your account number.
  2. Tap Deposit from the menu.
  3. Tap Deposit a Check and enter the amount.
  4. Tap Continue.
  5. Tap the account you would like to deposit funds to. The Check Front capture screen appears.
  6. Make sure your check is placed on a dark, contrasting background before you take the picture. Center the check front in the capture screen and tap Capture.
  7. Tap Continue.
  8. Use the same method to capture the check’s reverse side, and then tap Continue. Your deposit information appears.
  9. Tap Submit.

App Usage Instructions: