Is my Freedom Debit/Credit Card protected from fraud?

Absolutely!  Your financial safety is our top priority.  While no debit and credit card is 100% protected from fraud, Freedom has layered every card with preventative security measures for safer shopping online and in person.


Whether you are using a desktop, mobile or other digital device, Visa Secure provides an additional layer of protection when shopping online with participating merchant sites. This service helps your issuer know you are really you and most importantly, it protects you from fraud.


EMV Chips and Contactless Tap & Go Technology in every Freedom card makes every transaction safe and super easy!

What is Contactless Tap & Go Technology? We’re glad you asked!

Contactless payments are easy. Cardholders simply tap their contactless card on the contactless enabled checkout. They are also fast and convenient to use in places where customers need to pay on the go. And, just like transactions made with a chip card, each contactless card transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that protects the payment information.

Unlike cash, contactless payments let cardholders keep better records of their purchases. They can still do everything they would do with another credit card, including adding a tip, getting cash back (if available), and more.

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