Contactless VISA

Contactless Credit Cards Are Coming This September to Freedom

Enjoy the Freedom and Convenience of Contactless Card Technology

New Freedom Visa Credit Cards are Coming This September!

Freedom Federal Credit Union Credit Card holders are being issued brand new Visa Credit Cards with a brand new look and feature Contactless tap and go technology.

Contactless payments are easy. Cardholders simply tap their contactless card on the contactless enabled checkout. They are also fast and convenient to use in places where customers need to pay on the go. And, just like transactions made with a chip card, each contactless card transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that protects the payment information.

Unlike cash, contactless payments let cardholders keep better records of their purchases. They can still do everything they would do with another credit card, including adding a tip, getting cash back (if available), and more.

Coming Late September 2021… All Freedom Credit Cards will be transitioned to contactless!

How It Works

  • Look


    Find the Contactless Symbol at Checkout

  • Tap


    Tap your contactless card on the checkout terminal

  • Go


    Your payment is processed in seconds!!!

New Freedom Contactless Visa Credit Cards Are Here

All current and active Freedom Credit Cardholders will receive new Visa credit card(s) in the mail. Members are asked to follow three simple steps:

  1. Activate your new Contactless card by calling 1-800-527-7728. You can also set a new, personalized PIN of your choice by calling 888-886-0083 (a new, auto generated PIN number will be automatically mailed to you separately).*
  2. Sign the back of your card immediately.
  3. Download the Freedom Card Manager App if you have not done so already, and register your new card.

Be sure to update any recurring payments with your new card number and expiration date.

With Contactless tap and go technology, your new Freedom Visa credit card will make checking out a snap!

*Destroy old cards after activating.

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Member Steps

Payment Technology for Today's World

  • Secure.

    Contactless cards do not expose your account details, using one-time code technology for complete security.

  • Safe.

    In an increasingly touchless world, stay safe and healthy while making your payment.

  • Convenient.

    Whereas EMV contact transactions can take up to 30 seconds, a contactless card transaction can be completed in a fraction of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your new Freedom Visa credit card will include Contactless tap-and-go technology. A Contactless credit card allows you to complete a transaction without physical contact between your card and the contactless-enabled checkout terminal. You simply hold your contactless card close to the terminal and payment account information is transmitted wirelessly for authorization.

Freedom continuously looks for ways to improve our technology and security processes to serve our members better. The new credit cards are a result of this continuous improvement process.

The new credit cards will feature a brand new, simple, clean design that we hope you will like and be proud to use.

The new credit cards will be mailed out starting September 27, 2021.  Please allow 7-10 business days to receive your new card. A separate PIN mailer will also be sent to you. Once you receive your new card, please activate it immediately and sign the back.

If you do not receive a new credit card, and believe you should have, please contact us at 800-440-4120.

Any Freedom member who has a current Freedom credit card that is Active in Freedom’s system as of September 26, 2021 will be getting a brand new card. Anyone who is 60+ days delinquent on their Visa will NOT receive a new card.

All non-business members will have new card numbers. Business members will maintain their existing card number, however the expiration and CVV will change.

If you have any automatic recurring payments attached to your current Freedom credit card, please remember to update your card information anywhere it is stored (Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, etc.).

In addition to receiving your new card, you will separately receive a PIN mailer, that has an assigned PIN for your new card. You can use the assigned PIN, or choose to set your own by calling 888-886-0083.

The PIN you were using on your old credit card will NOT carry over to the new credit card.  You can set it to be the same as your previous PIN, however you will need to actively set it again.

Please note you MUST set a new PIN for the new credit card to use it for pin-based transactions.

In order to take advantage of all the increased security features that the new Visa Contactless credit cards provide our members, your current credit card will be turned off and unusable after October 25, 2021.  We encourage you to activate your new credit card as soon as you receive it, and destroy your existing card at that time

Members are asked to follow three simple steps when you receive your new card in the mail:

  1. Activate your new card by calling 800-527-7728.  A new, auto generated PIN will be automatically mailed to you separately.  If you wish to set a new PIN, please call 888-886-0083.
  2. Sign the back of your card immediately.
  3. If you have not done so already, download the Freedom Card Manager App and register your new card.

Again, please be sure to update any recurring payments with your new card number and expiration date.

Please contact us at 800-440-4120, and we can reissue you a new credit card.

Your current credit card will stop working on October 25, 2021. Please destroy your old card immediately upon activation of your new card.

Yes, Freedom Business Credit cards will also be updated to Contactless technology and feature a new look and design.  Unlike the consumer cards, however, your Business credit card number will remain the same.

All Freedom debit cards have already been updated to Contactless tap-and-go technology.  If you have not received a new debit card, and would like one, please call us at 800-440-4120.

No. You do not have to physically tap the card to the terminal. However, your card should be close (within 1-2 inches) to the Contactless Symbol.


The payment terminal reads the antenna best when the Contactless card is flat on the
Contactless Symbol, not at an angle.

You should hold the Contactless card to the terminal for 1-2 seconds.

Though similar, Contactless cards use Radio Frequency (RF) technology, a system comprised of a tag, a reader, and an antenna, as well as Near-Field-Communication (NFC) technology. Mobile wallets, such as Apple Pay and Android Pay require NFC-enabled mobile phones that incorporate smart chips that allow phones to securely store the payment application and consumer account information and to use the information as a contactless “virtual payment card.”

Yes. You can still use your Contactless card at an EMV payment terminal by inserting the card, or at a magnetic stripe terminal by swiping the card.

Yes. Contactless cards are accepted by tapping it at a Contactless-enabled payment terminal where they see the Contactless Symbol , inserting the card into an EMV chip terminal or swiping it in a magnetic stripe terminal. Many countries have already adopted contactless payments.

Yes. Contactless cards are safe for a number of reasons:

■ Each transaction is accompanied by a one-time code that securely protects a cardholder’s
payment information, just like a chip card.

■ Cardholders can’t pay accidentally. Their card or device must be within 1-2 inches of
the contactless-enabled payment terminal for the transaction to occur (and they won’t
be billed twice, even if they accidentally tap twice).

For every contactless transaction, a transaction-specific, one-time code is created that secures the cardholder’s payment information. The code cannot be re-used by fraudsters even if they were somehow able to access it. The information would be useless to them.

Freedom Card Manager App

Manage all your Freedom Debit and Credit cards in one place.  Everything about the Freedom Card Manager App is designed to ensure you have complete control. Access is TouchID enabled for Android and IOS devices, and camera integration allows members to even set a personalized image. Learn more about the benefits of the Freedom Card Manager App.

The Card Manager App from Freedom Federal Credit Union is available to download for free, from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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