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Introducing LoanFlex

Lower Your Freedom Federal Credit Union Auto Loan Payment in Minutes!

You can lower your Auto Loan payment from your computer or mobile device, and without the cost of refinancing your loan. With LoanFlex*, you control your payment online.

  • Extend your term
  • Lower your monthly payment
  • Save money with no refinance fees

Extending your auto loan term is easy. With our LoanFlex Tool, we will display your current auto loan details. Adjust your payment period as you like, and we will show you the updated rate and payment in real-time. The whole process is completed securely online and in just a few clicks.There is no cost to use this service. Take advantage of this great opportunity today!


*LoanFlex will result in the reduction of your monthly payment only. Before choosing to lower your payment, be aware that the extended term will result in an increase in the finance charges assessed over the life of your loan. The amount of increase will depend on the term you select. You are responsible for updating ACH or other bill payments that are set up for the loan. Refer to the Modification Agreement for additional details.