Start Saving or Borrowing for the Summertime Expenses


It’s Not Too Late to Start Saving or Borrowing for Summer Expenses!

Thinking about how you need to save for additional expenses this summer? Let us help! We offer several savings or loan options and we’ll help you figure out what makes sense for you. With Freedom, it’s convenient and secure. Our savings accounts offer free online banking, and e-Statements. View all our savings options here.

In addition to saving, we also offer personal loan and line-of-credit options for vacations, back-to-school, auto purchases or other purposes. With our personal (variable rate) line-of-credit option you receive:

  • Better rates and more flexible terms
  • Money when needed with easy access
  • Reoccurring access to funds1
  • Funds available via branch withdrawal, electronic transfer to checking, ATM, or debit card
  • Potential overdraft protection for Freedom checking accounts


1 Funds available up to member’s approved credit limit as the balance is paid down