Secure Your Online Purchases

Add extra security to your Freedom MasterCard Debit Card and Visa Credit Card when making purchases online. It’s simple, quick and free, and adds an extra layer of protection from fraud or theft.

  • Greater protection against unauthorized use of  cards for online purchases.

  • Increased confidence, comfort and trust when shopping online.

  • Easy to use—no special software required.

  • The ability to quickly identify merchants who participate.

Mastercard now offers Mastercard ID Theft Protection™, a no cost service to help detect and resolve identity theft.

With Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™, you get:

  • ID Theft Alerts to monitor your personal data
  • Emergency Wallet Replacement to help you quickly replace your cards right away
  • Expert Resolution Services to help you through the process of restoring your good name

Visit Mastercard® ID Theft Protection™, to learn more and to register your Freedom debit card.

Securing Your Freedom Visa Credit Card

To use Verified by Visa, you must first register your account and create a Verified by Visa password. This can be accomplished by either visiting the Verified by Visa website or by creating a password when prompted during the checkout process at a participating merchant. This additional layer of security, provided by Verified by Visa, can offer you peace of mind during online shopping.

Look for the Verified by Visa symbol displayed at many participating stores.
Check the Verified by Visa website to register your card.