EasySaver Account

Grow Your Savings

Save More. Enroll in EasySaver!

Now it’s easy to save just by using your Freedom debit card! When you open an EasySaver Account, we’ll round up the amount of your debit card purchases. The change goes to you–and builds your savings.


  • Open an EasySaver savings account
  • Use the Freedom debit card connected to your Freedom checking account
  • Each time you use your debit card the amount you pay will be rounded to the nearest dollar. The difference gets transferred to your account each day.*
  • Watch your savings build up, and earn interest!

EasySaver Account Inquiry


*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum $100 daily balance to earn dividends.

Freedom will round up the amount of any debit card purchases in your checking account to the next whole dollar amount, and transfer the amount in excess of the purchase amount from your checking account to your EasySaver Share Account. Credit transactions or adjustment transactions will not be rounded up. Deposits other than the daily EasySaver transfer are not permitted on this account. ATM/Debit Card transactions and ACH deposits and withdrawals are not permitted on this account. Funds in this account cannot be used as overdraft protection for any other share account. You have full access to the funds in your EasySaver account at any time.

Truth in Savings Disclosure-Savings and Checking

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