Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card
Earn 3 Points on EVERY DOLLAR you spend on EVERY PURCHASE November 1st through December 31st.
Plus Sign-Up Bonuses!

VISA® Platinum Rewards Credit Card

Plus… Get 1,000 bonus points when you open the card, and 1,500 bonus points with your first transaction.

Highlights of the Freedom Platinum Rewards Credit Card:
  • 3 Times the Points on ALL purchases
  • 1,000 points when you open the card
  • 1,500 points with your first purchase
  • 0% Interest rate for 15 months on ALL purchases and qualified balance transfers5,6
  • After 15 months, as low as 11.24% variable APR (Based on prime)7
  • No Annual Fee
  • EMV Security Chip
With every purchase, you earn 3X the CU Rewards points —3 points for every dollar you spend!

Redeemable for:

  • Cash Back
  • VISA Statement Credit
  • Premium Merchandise
  • Travel Discounts
  • Gift Cards

As little as 5,000 points gets you $50 dollars deposited into your Freedom account or as a a VISA Statement Credit!*

(Instructions on how to redeem your points.)