Schedule of Fees and Service Charges

Fees and Service Charges as of June 26, 2018

Item or serviceService ChargeNotes
Check Cashing$5.00 per check itemOnly for members over age 18 years of age with only a regular savings account with less than $100 balance and no other Freedom accounts
Non-member Check Cashing Fee$10.00 per check itemFreedom checks only
Check Copies$6.00 per itemIncludes money orders, Freedom bank or cashier's check, and bill pay service check
Printed Check OrdersPrices vary for all printed check ordersFREE unlimited Specialty Grey style with Youth and Rewards Checking1
Inactive Account$7.00 per monthNo activity for 12 months--waived for members under 18 years of age3
Rewards Checking$10.00 per month

In order to avoid this fee, members must EITHER keep an average of $1,000 OR perform six transactions in each calendar month3

Money Market and Money Market IRA Accounts$10.00 per monthIf minimum balance falls below $2,500 minimum3
Returned Checks$35.00 per itemCashed/deposited, loan/credit card payment, pre-authorized transfers
Returned Checks—Loan Payments$15.00 per itemLoan/credit card payment on second presentment
Non-sufficient Funds$35.00 per itemIncludes checks, ATM withdrawals, uncollected funds and deposit on hold
Overdraft charge for items covered by Courtesy Pay$35.00 per item
Stop Payment (includes cashier's checks, money orders, personal and official checks, pre-authorized transactions and bill pay)$30.00 per orderFREE with Rewards Checking1
ACH/Electronic FundsService ChargeNotes
Outgoing Wire Transfers$25.00 domestic
$40.00 international
Incoming Wire Transfers$5.00 each
ATM Debit/Check and Credit Card Services Service ChargeNotes
ATM balance inquiry at non-Freedom and out of network ATM (See web site for in-network locations)$1.50 per item2Six (6) FREE per month balance inquires or other transactions with Rewards Checking1
ATM Debit/Check Card or Credit Card replacement card$7.00 per itemSpecial RUSH shipping $25.00
ATM/Debit Card Overdraft$35.00 per item
Cash advance with a Freedom credit card$10 or 2% of the amount of the transaction, which ever is greaterAt branch or ATM
Online Banking ServicesService ChargeNotes
Inactive Bill Pay $7.00 per monthIf less than one transaction is conducted and processed per calendar month. Bill pay service must be used prior to the second-to-last day of the month to avoid a fee.3
Other Bill Pay Fees
Online Gift Check

$2.99 per payment
Online Charitable Donation$1.99 per payment
Expedited Bill Payment Fees
Service ChargeNotes
Electronic 2nd Day Payment$4.95 per payment
Overnight RUSH Payment Delivery*
$19.95 per payment *For payments made via Online Bill Pay where payee does not accept electronic payments, thereby requiring paper check delivery
2nd Day RUSH Payment Delivery*$14.95 per payment *For payments made via Online Bill Pay where payee does not accept electronic payments, thereby requiring paper check delivery
General ServicesService ChargeNotes
Account history printout$6.00 per page
Account reconciliation$25.00 per hourMinimum charge of $25.00
Account research$3.00 per 15 minutes
Account statement copy$6.00 per account, per statement
Automated share or line of credit transfer service$7.00 per dayFirst one free per month
Closed member account within 60 days of opening$25.00 per occurrence
Copy of transaction voucher, deposit slip/Visa sales slip$6.00 per item
Court order copy$50.00 per copy
Counter checks$5.00 per sheet
(4 checks per sheet)
Check Payment by Phone$15.00 per checkTo make payment by due date or to avoid late fees
Escheat Processing$10.00 for balances under $50.00
Escheat Processing$20.00 for balances of $50.00 and over
Fax, Photo, Imaged and Microfilm copies$6.00 per page
Financial Institution to Financial Institution transfers$1.00 per outgoing transferIn Home Banking, incoming is free
Foreign check collection$25.00 per itemCanadian checks only
Freedom bank or cashier's checks
(First check free each month, additional thereafter)
$5.00 per itemFree with Rewards Checking1
Garnishment Fee and Court Hold Order$100.00 per occurrence
Incorrect or No Forwarding Address$10.00 per month
Legal document review fee (if attorney reviewed)$75.00
Money Orders$5.00 per itemFree with Rewards Checking1
Notary ServicesFree for members, $3.00 per item for non-members
Paper Statement$3.00 per monthAvoid monthly fees by enrolling in e-Statements
Waived for members over 70 or under 18 years of age
Reopen account closed by Freedom for adverse usage$30.00
Signature Guarantee$10.00 per item


1 Freedom no longer offers NEW Rewards Checking Accounts. Existing Rewards Checking Accounts will continue to be serviced in accordance with the original product terms and conditions

2 Freedom does not have control over fees that may be charged by other financial institutions, third-party service providers or ATM owners

3 Any fees assessed are pulled from the account on the last day of the month

For Business Service Charges please see Business Service Charges 2-13-18

All terms are subject to change