Make Electronic Payments from Any Bank or Credit Union

Loan Payments Made Easier

Our payment services make paying your loan a little easier by giving you options. Set up one-time or reoccurring payments on your own with online payment services. If you get stuck, just let us know! We’re here to help. Please call us at 1-800-440-4120, or email us at

See the instructions below for how to make a one-time electronic payment or set up reoccurring loan payments from any bank or credit union.

How to Set Up a One-Time Payment

Use your Online Banking account to make a one-time payment from any financial institution. Select “Additional” from the Online Banking menu. Next, beside where it says “ACH Loan Payment”, select “Continue”.

How to make one-time loan payments through home banking

Clicking Continue will bring up a screen that lists the information you will need to set up the Loan Payment. This includes routing number, account number, savings or checking account number, and a valid email address. Choose “Proceed” and then enter the necessary information.

Enter Payment Account Information screen for setting up Loan Payments

How to Set Up Reoccurring Loan Payments 

Log-in to Online Banking and click the “Additional” tab. Click “Continue” to bring up the ACH Loan Payment screen. This screen shows what information you will need to set up a one-time or reoccurring loan payment. You will need:List of information required to make ACH Loan Payments

  • The routing number of the bank or credit union you wish to pull the payment from
  • Your account number at the bank or credit union you wish to use
  • Your savings or checking account number at the bank or credit union you wish to use
  • A valid email address

Select “Proceed” and a form prompting you for payment account information will appear:
Enter Payment Account Information screen for setting up Loan Payments

You must fill in each field, including “Account Nickname”. An account nickname is a name to help you remember where the loan payment is coming from; such as BOA for Bank of America or Navy for Navy Federal, etc.



Click “Submit” and ACH Loan Payment screen will appear, showing the account information you have just provided:

ACH Loan Payments preview page where you can edit payment information

  • Select which payment account, if you have set up more than one financial institution.
  • Enter the information about the paying financial institution
  • Choose the loan you are paying. The current frequency of your loan payment will show.
  • Select the amount of payment. you can choose regular payment, payment due, or key in a different amount
  • Choose a frequency for the loan payment: one time, monthly, biweekly, or weekly. **Please note that semi-monthly payment is not an option.** If you have semi-monthly payments on your loan setup, a message will appear for you to contact us for assistance.
  • Enter the starting date that the payment is to be made. You can click on the field to bring up a calendar and select a payment date.

Payment Verification

Once the necessary information has been submitted, a verification screen pops up:

ACH Loan Payments summary screen

  • If payment information is correct, click “Create Payment”
  • If corrections need to be made, click “Cancel” and begin again

Once you click “Create Payment” the below message will appear on the screen:You can then click “Cancel” and log out of Online Banking.

Verification of successful ACH Loan Payment set up

You will receive an email, like the one shown below, confirming your scheduled payment(s):

Email confirming successful ACH Loan Payment scheduling