Enjoy the Benefits of Being a Freedom Member

Member Benefits

The benefits of being a Freedom Federal Credit Union member start with the benefits of a credit union.

What makes credit unions different?

  • Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives. That means that each member is also part-owner. Like all Credit unions, we are member-owned. That’s why we call you members, and not customers!
  • We are democratic, that is one member = one vote, and our Board of Directors is elected by and made up of our members.
  • Savings are federally insured by NCUA, not the same agency that insures bank accounts, but the insurance works the same way and means that your funds are just as safe.

Why are credit unions better?

  • At for-profit banks, earnings are paid to shareholders. At a credit union profits are paid back to you in the form of better rates for the products and services you need. We focus on you the member/owner, and not the bottom line.
  • We are financially sound and insured, but with lower fees and better rates!
  • Maybe the best reason for choosing a credit union is credit unions believe in “People Helping People”. We take that principle to heart and to Harford County. Our aim is to help members reach their financial goals through our products and services.
Join Freedom

Why is Freedom a better choice?

Freedom offers great financial products and services, competitive rates and excellent member service. We’ve got accounts for everyone at every age and business accounts too! Most importantly, we live and breathe Harford County. Freedom has been around since 1953, and ever since then we’ve supported the schools and other community organizations that you care about and are involved in yourself.

You are eligible to join Freedom if you live, work, worship, attend school, volunteer, or have family in Harford County. Get in on the good stuff today — Join Freedom!