Electronic Check Deposit FAQs

What is Electronic Check Deposit?
It is a secure, online banking service that allows eligible members of the Credit Union to Deposit funds into their Freedom account using either their smartphone or a scanner and desktop computer.

What are the benefits of using Electronic Check Deposit?
Electronic Check Deposit makes it unnecessary for you to visit a branch or ATM to deposit checks. So you save time and money.

Is there a fee to deposit checks electronically?
There is no fee unless you have a Business Account with Freedom. Business accounts are charged fees based on what profile they are given by Business Banking.

Are there limits on the amount of funds or number of checks that may be deposited electronically?
Limits depend on your relationship with the credit union

What types of checks can not be deposited electronically?

  • Checks from a lottery or prize winning
  • Altered items
  • Incomplete cecks (Missing date, missing payee, improperly endorsed, etc.)
  • Foreign checks
  • Post dated checks
  • Previously deposited checks
  • Travelers checks
  • Money orders
  • 3rd party checks

How do I sign up for electronic check deposit?

  1. Sign up to make electronic deposits using a scanner:
    1. Log in to Online Banking and click on Remote Deposit.
    2. Under the drop-down you can select which account you wish to enroll.
    3. Once you have chosen your account, you will receive a confirmation message.
      Banking app deposit icon
  2. Sign up to make electronic deposits using a cell phone or tablet:
    1. Click the deposit icon on the app’s dashboard page. You will then see a welcome note and can click on the Get Started Button.
    2. Select which account you want to deposit the funds into.
    3. Enter your full 13 Digit Account number and click Done in the top right corner.
    4. You will then receive a message letting you know your Enrollment has been submitted and is waiting to be approved.

Please note that electronic check deposit applications are approved manually. Once it is approved you will receive an email letting you know you have been approved and you may start depositing your checks.

How do I endorse my checks?
Endorse your checks with your name as it appears on the front of the check, and include the following information:

  • Write “For Mobile Deposit Only”
  • Write your account or Member Number
  • ALWAYS use dark back ink. Use the entire endorsement box for your signature and the other information needed above. Make sure flash is off on your smartphone and take the picture on a white background.

Your check will not be accepted for deposit if it does not contain your endorsement as noted above. If you do not endorse the back of the check correctly you will receive an email stating the rejection of the item and the reason why it was rejected.In the event that an item was rejected due to a circumstance that you were later able to correct, you may re-submit the check or bring it into any branch.

How do I log in to electronically deposit a check?
You are “logged in” as soon as you log in to Online Banking. When you reach the main page in home banking you will need to click on Remote Deposit.Mobile app icon for check deposit

In the mobile app you will need to click on the deposit icon in the menu.

How do I log out after submitting the check?
In Online Banking you will click the log out at the top of the screen.

If you’re in the mobile app, you need to close the app or click on the three little lines in the top left corner of the page.Then click on Settings and go to Sign Out.

How do I know the check has been accepted?
Once the check has been reviewed you will receive an email stating that is was accepted and any check holds that may apply. (Check holds may vary based on your relationship with the credit union and the individual deposit)

If a check is rejected you will get an email stating the deposit was rejected and the reason will be given in that same email.

How long does it take for a check to be accepted?
All checks deposited electronically will be reviewed within (1) business day of receiving the request. Once the check is reviewed you will receive an email stating that is was either accepted with whatever check holds apply or that the deposit was rejected, with the reason why.

When are electronically deposited checks processed?
Checks received before 3:00 PM EST will be posted the same business day. Checks received after 3:00 PM EST will be posted the next business day.