‘Twas The Holiday Season!

Twas The Holiday Season
Twas The Holiday Season
‘Twas The Holiday Season

‘Twas the holiday season and the year’s gone by fast
And this one was different than others that passed
There were challenges a plenty some unexpected for sure,
Yet we met them all expertly like oft times before.

The staff were anticipating the holiday times,
While serving our members was foremost on their minds.
While me in my office trying not to be nervous
Thinking of new ways to excel and improve our great service.

When out in the lobby there arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.
Away from my desk and straight to the door
Out in the hallway and to the lobby I did soar.

And what, in amazement, should suddenly appear
But a rather large truck pulled by eight tired reindeer
There were ribbons and tinsel hanging on it like vines
And a sign on the side reading “North Pole Van Lines”.

With an old, bearded driver dressed in red overalls
Who, when he jumped from the cab, I knew was S. Claus.
“Just relax”, he exclaimed, “there’s no problem whatever.”
And he reached up and pulled down a large golden lever.

Then the truck opened up and what I saw next
Sent my head spinning; I was amazed and perplexed.
Hundreds of elves now became part of the scene
And they unloaded tools and a massive machine.

I ran over to Santa hoping to get more information
Then he looked at me sadly and offered this explanation.
“In the past you have helped me with a refinance and elf cure
So I knew in my time of need you’d be there for sure.”

“Time and storms have now taken their toll
And my workshop’s unsafe up at the North Pole.”
He continued to talk, which must hesitation,
“I just don’t have funds for the needed renovation.”

“I was hoping to use your branch as a temporary solution
To ensure toys will be ready for Christmas distribution.”
I smiled at Santa then I hugged him real tight
And assured him all would be well upon this winter night.

I said, “We’d be proud to be your North Pole annex.”
And we immediately started creating a toy making complex.
“Santa”, I said, “There’s still more we can do.
Not only right now, but for many more years too”.

“You may not have realized that we do business lending,
But you’re situation is something we can easily be attending.
A business loan for repairs and upgrades with great rates and low fees,
Will solve all your problems and meet all of your needs.”

Santa sighed with relief and broke out in huge laughter
And we worked out a loan so there would be no worries hereafter.
“But for now”, I said, “Let’s just focus on our branch workshop and toys
To make sure we can serve all the good girls and boys.”

Santa said, “Once again, Freedom came to my rescue.
And I can’t thank you enough for all that you do.”
You gave us an experience we’ll always remember
And it will last long after this and every other December.”

Then when all the work was completed and the time had drawn near
Santa and the elves packed up that truck and just disappeared.
Then we heard him exclaim, though well out of sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night.”