Set Reoccurring Loan Payments

How to Set Reoccurring Loan Payments in Online Banking

Log-in to Online Banking and click the “Additional” tab. Click “Continue” to bring up the ACH Loan Payment screen. This screen shows what information you will need to set up a one-time or reoccurring loan payment. You will need:ACH Loan payment initiation

  • routing number
  • account number
  • savings or checking account number
  • a valid email address

Select “Proceed” and the below screen will appear:

loan payment infoYou must fill in each field, including “Account Nickname”. An account nickname is a name to help you remember where the loan payment is coming from; such as BOA for Bank of America or Navy for Navy Federal, etc.



Click “Submit” and the following screen will appear:

ACH Loan Payment screen

  • Select which payment account, if you have set up more than one financial institution.Enter the information about the paying financial institution.
  • Choose the loan you are paying.The current frequency of your loan payment will show.
  • Select the amount of payment. you can choose regular payment, payment due, or key in a different amount
  • Choose a frequency for the loan payment: one time, monthly, biweekly, or weekly. **Please note that semi-monthly payment is not an option.** If you have semi-monthly payments on your loan setup, a message will appear for you to contact us for assistance.
  • Enter the starting date that the payment is to be made. You can click on the field to bring up a calendar and select a payment date.

Once that information has been submitted, a verification screen pops up:

ACH loan payment verification screen

— If payment information is correct, clickCreate Payment”
— If corrections need to be made, click
Cancel” and begin again

Once you click “Create Payment” the below message will appear on the screen:ACH loan payment successfully created screenYou can then click “Cancel” and log out of Online Banking.

You will receive an email like the one below confirming your scheduled payment(s):ACH loan email verifcation image